How to Draw a Goldfish, Step by Step

how to draw a betta

Drawing fish is something that takes a lot of patience but nonetheless it is a fun activity to do once in a while. Updating the site can be challenging because there are so many different types of fish that swim about in ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans. This step by step tutorial is going to teach you how to draw a Betta. The Betta or Japanese fighting fish is a species of fish that has the most reputable aquatic lifespan when kept as a pet. They are also the most versatile, easy to care for, and they can live in virtually anything you put them in. You can keep a Betta in a vase filled with glass rocks and even have a nice plant growing in the water. The only thing you can’t do with Betta, is have a pair in the same swimming environment. This is because they will fight for dominance, and because they are very territorial animals. This is one of the reasons why they are called fighting fish. Did you know that the Betta you see with long waving fins is male, and the plain ones are females? Pretty cool huh? Well I guess that just about does it for now. Have fun learning how to draw a Betta, step by step.

how to draw a bettahow to draw a betta

how to draw a bettahow to draw a betta

How to Draw A Catfish

Drawing a catfish is like drawing one of those ancient Chinese dragons. It will take a while to master drawing a catfish. It’s kind of obvious because catfish have more parts and more guidelines to follow. What I do when drawing a catfish is start with the head because that’s where the difficult part is on the catfish. Whiskers… ha, I love catfish. After drawing the head, draw the fins and then the tail. That’s all you need to do is just think of a Chinese dragon in fish form. I don’t know why they call them catfish, they look more like Chinese dragon fish. That’s all I got for tips, and now you can proceed with the drawing tutorial below. It was put together by me and drawn from a website called Dragoart. Enjoy!

How to Draw A Koi

Drawing koi… yes, the Japanese fish. What else? Koi is a fish that’s what we call pop culture. These fish are used everywhere. Forget goldfish, koi is now on the lead. These fish were also used on the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. I also see koi as tattoo designs on others (Wrestlers, girls, and Asians.) Drawing koi is just like drawing catfish. Koi look just like catfish and I mean a lot like them. If you don’t know how to draw catfish, learn it on our website. We have a great drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw catfish step by step. I think you’ll enjoy it. So after thinking about catfish. Now try drawing what you see, but remember that your not drawing a catfish your drawing a koi. You’ll get the image in your head as time goes on. Drawing skills will increase and you’ll finally turn your frown upside down :D I really hoped that my tips helped. Below is a drawing tutorial that I put together just for you. Comment and hopefully visit our site often. Thank you!

How to Draw A Fish

Welcome to the website where you can learn how to draw fish step by step. For our first lesson, we’ll begin with the basics (Shape, angles, ect.) When drawing fish, be sure to understand all the different types of fish. Well, kind of. I really mean be sure you know what fish you want to draw. It is very easy to draw fish. You’ll start with a little practice, drawing a fish that even a 1st grader could draw. It’s when you draw a gold fish. You know, the cheesy snack that you can buy at the store? That fish. It’s really easy. Do a couple of those and you’ll understand the shape of fish. After practicing those, you should be ready to draw a normal fish. The fish that I advise you to start with, is probably the gold fish. That’s right, the gold fish. Not the cheese snack, the actual fish. Drawing a gold fish should be the most easiest lesson of all. Below is a drawing tutorial from a website called Dragoart.