How to Draw A Koi

Drawing koi… yes, the Japanese fish. What else? Koi is a fish that’s what we call pop culture. These fish are used everywhere. Forget goldfish, koi is now on the lead. These fish were also used on the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. I also see koi as tattoo designs on others (Wrestlers, girls, and Asians.) Drawing koi is just like drawing catfish. Koi look just like catfish and I mean a lot like them. If you don’t know how to draw catfish, learn it on our website. We have a great drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw catfish step by step. I think you’ll enjoy it. So after thinking about catfish. Now try drawing what you see, but remember that your not drawing a catfish your drawing a koi. You’ll get the image in your head as time goes on. Drawing skills will increase and you’ll finally turn your frown upside down :D I really hoped that my tips helped. Below is a drawing tutorial that I put together just for you. Comment and hopefully visit our site often. Thank you!